CBS’ ‘Suburban Madness’: It’s OK to Kill Your Husband

Clara Harris murdered her husband by running him down repeatedly as the man’s teenage daughter begged Harris not to kill her father. In its new movie “Suburban Madness,” CBS whitewashes Harris’ “Murder by Mercedes” and portrays the convicted murderer as a victim worthy of sympathy.

Clara Harris claimed that she killed her husband in sudden passion because he was having an affair. CBS covered up convincing evidence that Clara was also having an affair at the time of the murder, and that David Harris–killed by an angry, controlling spouse as he tried to get out of a bad relationship–was in fact a victim of domestic violence.

Glenn detailed the anti-male distortions and lies in “Suburban Madness,” on His Side with Glenn Sacks on October 10. Glenn also discussed the new ABC series “Desperate Housewives” and what he called the “myth of the downtrodden wife and housewife.”

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