Fathers Targeted by Cox Speak Out

Keith, a Michigan father, has been ordered to come up with $33,000 by January 1st or he will go to federal prison for four years. Like so many divorced fathers, his child support arrearage is not the product of irresponsibility or neglect but instead because the courts were slow to adjust his support obligation downward after he lost a well-paying job.

Keith has shared custody of his two teenage boys, who are scheduled to come to his house to live in January–if he’s not in prison. His mistreatment at the hands of Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox and Michigan child support enforcement is so bad and counterproductive that even his ex-wife has stood by him and helped him fight the system.

Darlene, a Michigan mother, watched her husband be thrown in jail with violent criminals even though he had overpaid his child support and had documents showing he had overpaid his child support. Her husband’s child support was not recognized by the system, however, because by court order he had paid the money directly to his ex-wife.

Beating up on deadbeat dads makes good politics and sound bites for grandstanding politicians in an election year. Glenn heard the stories of some of the victims of Cox’s anti-father campaign on His Side with Glenn Sacks on October 17.

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