First Wives vs. Second Wives

“Remember, the first wife is normally the one that lives over the store, who puts hubby through school, who works and raises the kids,” says divorce lawyer Lynne Gold-Bikin, former chair of the American Bar Association’s Family Law Section. “The second wife gets not only the fruits of his career building but also the benefits of his midlife interest in family. Now, when she has the baby, he’s in the delivery room–he wasn’t there the first time. And she gets the fur coat.”

Gold-Bikin believes that First Wives get the shaft. Shared Parenting advocate Rachel Forrest of Fathers and Families of Massachusetts believes that the family law system has become so stacked against fathers that it is Second Wives who often are getting the raw deal.

First Wives squared off against Second Wives on His Side with Glenn Sacks on November 21.

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