Spontaneous Reunification

There are few experiences more heartbreaking than being the target parent in a Parental Alienation campaign–your own children are withheld from you and taught to despise you. Often these situations are so contentious that intervention by a court or mental health professional is not permitted or is ineffectual. However, according to psychologist Douglas C. Darnall, Ph.D., author of Divorce Casualties: Protecting Your Children from Parental Alienation, new research shows that there is often good cause for hope in these situations–“Spontaneous Reunification.”

“Spontaneous Reunification” is when a child attempts to reconnect with a rejected parent on his or her own initiative. Darnall and his co-author, Barbara F. Steinberg, Ph.D., have identified parents and children who experienced reunification without any intervention from the courts or by a mental health professional. Darnall detailed how and why Spontaneous Reunification occurs and how such reunions can be encouraged on His Side with Glenn Sacks on December 19.

Also joining Glenn was Allen Green, author of the powerful new novel Blind Baseball: A Father’s War. Green has experienced PAS and reunification firsthand.

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