Is the Men’s Movement Misogynistic?

According to Gender Studies professor Dr. Hugo Schwyzer, Ph.D., a member of the National Organization for Men Against Sexism, the emerging men’s rights movement is a reactionary expression of deep-seated societal misogyny and homophobia.

According to Dr. Schwyzer, talk show host/columnist Glenn Sacks is part of the problem–a “purveyor of a victim mentality for men” who “masks men’s own responsibility” for their problems and who “lashes out at those, such as feminists, who call men to accountability for their actions.” Schwyzer also labels Sacks a “denier of male privilege,” adding “just because a group doesn’t feel privileged doesn’t mean that they aren’t.”

Schwyzer, who teaches Gay and Lesbian history and Western Civ. at Pasadena City College, laments that “one of the problems with being a man involved with the pro-feminist men’s movement is that we often get mixed up with the men’s rights activists who are virulently anti-feminist.”

Schwyzer and Glenn debated the issue on His Side with Glenn Sacks on January 23.

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