Poisoning Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, once a happy occasion for college students, has instead become a day of rancor and discord which symbolizes the divide between men and women on college campuses.

Much of the sour sentiment surrounding Valentine’s Day has been caused by Eve Ensler’s “holiday” campaign “V-Day: Until the Violence Stops.” For years the holiday’s backers and its campus supporters in Women’s Studies departments and women’s centers have propagated a series of discredited falsehoods which stigmatize and vilify men by wildly exaggerating the extent of American men’s violence against women. Dissident feminist Christian Hoff Sommers calls these canards “hate statistics.”

Ensler’s “holiday” is now “celebrated” on over 500 college campuses, and college newspapers are saturated both with misandrist (anti-male) V-Day ads and approving news stories and opinion columns. Productions of her anti-male play The Vagina Monologues have become an integral part of V-Day festivities. Valentine’s Day, which in the past symbolized the romantic bonds between men and women, has been turned into a day which further separates them.

Carrie Lukas, Director of Policy for the Independent Women’s Forum has helped craft her organization’s fight against anti-male feminism on college campuses and in society as a whole. Fox News Columnist Wendy McElroy has written extensively on V-Day, the Vagina Monologues, and campus misandry. Carrie and Wendy will joined Glenn.

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