Kobe Bryant, Rape Shield Laws, and the False Accusations Problem

For 16 years former Colorado prosecutor Craig Silverman was known for his zealous prosecution of rapists–prosecutions which have resulted in thousands of years of prison time for those convicted. Yet he is also critical of what he calls the “politically correct victims advocate’s view” held by many Colorado prosecutors of “always believe the woman.” He says:

“During my time as a prosecutor who made case filing decisions, I was amazed to see all the false rape allegations that were made to the Denver Police Department. It was remarkable and surprising to me. You would have to see it to believe it. Any honest veteran sex assault investigator will tell you that rape is one of the most falsely reported crimes that there is. A command officer in the Denver Police sex assaults unit recently told me he placed the false rape numbers at approximately 45 percent.”

Silverman and Fox News Columnist Wendy McElroy point to many studies which confirm that false accusations are common, generally in the range of 40 to 50% Silverman and McElroy joined Glenn to discuss the Kobe Bryant case, rape shield laws, and the problem of false accusations. To listen to the archive of the show, click here and scroll down to “Listen to the Show.”

To learn more about the prevalence of false accusations of rape, see An alarming national trend: False Rape Allegations by Eugene J. Kanin, Ph.D and David Throop’s False Rape Reports from Adults.

Also, see McElroy’s Fox News columns Prosecutor Grandstanding Undermines Justice (1/6/04) and “False Rape Charges Hurt Real Victims ” (7/22/03).

To learn more about the Bryant case, see Silverman’s Are Those White Flags? (3/2/04) and Role Reversal (2/4/04).

In addition, Brian Carnell of www.EquityFeminism.com has written several informative articles on false accusations–see:

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Also, see Hugh Nation’s Some Facts About Rape and False Accusations of Rape (Transitions: Journal of Men’s Perspectives, 12/94).