Showdown in Motown: Michigan Dads vs. Leader of ACES

Are they deadbeats who’ve walked out on their kids and their responsibilities? Or decent fathers persecuted by a system which values them only as wallets?

Over the past several months the government of Michigan has been singling out so-called “deadbeat dads” for humiliation and punishment, including new punitive laws and an incendiary billboard campaign.

Debbie Kline is the new Executive Director of the Association for Children for the Enforcement of Support, a nationwide organization which advocates tougher child support enforcement and has frequently been an opponent of the fathers’ rights movement. Murray Davis is a longtime Michigan fathers’ rights activist and the vice-president of the National Family Justice Association.

Kline and Davis squared off on the Michigan crackdown, child support, and child support enforcement.

To learn more about the Michigan situation, see:

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