Gloria Allred vs. LaMusga’s Attorney on Move-Aways

Since the 1996 Burgess decision, California courts have allowed custodial mothers to move with their children after divorce. While Burgess involved only a 40 mile move within the same county, it has been interpreted by California courts to permit moves of hundreds or thousands of miles. Recently the California Supreme Court issued an historic opinion in LaMusga which will allow divorced dads to block moves which can be shown to be harmful to the bonds they share with their children.

At the heart of many move-away decisions is the question “do fathers matter or not?”

Gloria Allred is the feminist attorney who won the Burgess case in 1996. Garret Dailey recently defeated a move-away mom and the dozens of feminist organizations which supported her in LaMusga. Gloria and Garrett debated the move-away issue on His Side with Glenn Sacks.

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