NOMAS Leader Michael Kimmel Criticizes Men’s Movement

Sponsors of the 2005 Men’s Equality Conference, to be held July 15 and 16 in Washington D.C., believe that males are often disadvantaged, and that feminism is part of the problem. Among the grievances cited by the conference are unfairness or inequity in Family Courts, Education, Health, Domestic Violence policies, Paternity Fraud, Criminal Law, and in Reproductive Rights.

Author and sociologist Michael Kimmel, National Spokesperson for the pro-feminist men’s group the National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS), disagrees, to put it mildly. In his book Manhood in America Kimmel, America’s leading male feminist, calls the men’s movement “whiners.” According to Kimmel:

Fathers’ rights groups use a language of equality to take their revenge against women to court, to demand mandatory joint custody without demonstration of father’s prior involvement. Most advocates of men’s and fathers’ rights are disgruntled and divorced dads who blame their wives and their wives’ lawyers…”

Kimmel says the men’s movement analysis of gender issues is “so misguided, its inversions so transparent, its anger is displaced onto those who have traditionally been excluded, that it can hardly offer any man of reason a convincing picture of men’s situation.” To Kimmel, those who assert that the tables have been turned against men in the gender wars are looking at the world “through a funhouse mirror.”

Kimmel will joined Glenn on His Side with Glenn Sacks on June 26, 2005.

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