In Defense of Working Fathers

Topics Glenn discussed included:

  • Glenn spoke in defense of working fathers and elaborated on his quotes in the Washington Times article Custody’s high stakes (7/10/05).
  • Glenn discussed His Side listener Jim Evans’ commentary on the negative portrayal of divorced dads in the movie War of the Worlds.
  • Glenn discussed the article Rev. Billy Graham’s Daughter Facing Domestic Violence Charges.
  • Glenn discussed Salman Rushdie’s India and Pakistan’s Code of Dishonor (New York Times, 7/9/05)
  • Glenn discussed the Boy Crisis in Education. To learn more, see Glenn’s column New Study of Youth Shows It’s Boys Who Are in Crisis (Los Angeles Times, 3/20/05)
  • Glenn discussed soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan facing child support problems. To learn more, see Glenn’s co-authored column Laws Must Protect the Rights of Military Dads (Army Times, Marine Corps Times, 3/28/05)