Join His Side Campaign Against Hateful T-Shirt

To All His Side Listeners,

There’s a controversy in Seattle over ads for a T-shirt sold by Bon-Macy’s, a major department store in Washington state, which says “Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them” and has a picture of a little boy running away as several rocks come flying at him. A spokesman for David and Goliath, the company that makes the shirt, told KOMO-TV in Seattle that they have sold millions of shirts with this message and that it’s their best seller. KOMO-TV interviewed local 4th graders about the shirts and several little boys looked visibly shaken by them.

As the father of an 11 year-old boy you can imagine how this makes my blood boil. The company says that despite complaints they have no plans to change the message. What can you do? I’m urging all His Side listeners to call and/or email both David and Goliath and Bon-Macy’s and let them know how we feel about them insulting and demeaning our sons. Below are both company’s contact information, and a link to the KOMO-TV news story (video included). Please feel free to CC me on all letters to the companies.

Glenn Sacks

David and Goliath, Inc.
Toll Free 877-633-2843

Toll Free 866-464-8787
To Send an Email, click here.