Who am I?

My name is Henry Brown.

I’m 37 and I have two children. I’m divorced.

Hisside.com is a website which is a result of connecting my job with things that happened to me in my private life.

Divorce and struggle to win child custody are definitely unwanted and unpleasant experiences for both women and men. I don’t agree with this common belief that women suffer more than men after getting divorced. For each mature man, being a father is one of his most important roles, thus no matter how bad the relationship between parents is, father has the equal right to be enabled to play his role as well as he can.

My blog has been created to provide lots of practical information concerning family law, and all this from the perspective of an experienced lawyer and at the same time, the father who had to go through this on his own.

Apart from law, I am also interested in finance and photography, I like travelling too.